Real Conversations | Something Wonderful

Exploring Patriarchy Chapter 30 –

There had been a time when the struggle with chores and gender roles took over every meeting or conversation that MM and her friends had. And finally, it got too much for MM so she began to cling to her hobbies for dear life. Letting friendships and WhatsApp-only communications cool or grow distant but holding on to friendships she treasured. Friends so dear that she was willing to listen. Willing to learn HOW to listen actually because the art of listening rarely is an innate skill with the human race.

And then, something wonderful happened!


Sometimes, we have to go through the motions when there’s no time. just fit in a minute to play one line…

It’s been a really busy few months for me. The end of 2022 saw my days filled with support for family members in hospital or recovering after discharge from hospital. All is well as I write this post and I’m feeling grateful.

I decided having that no time to relax wasn’t sustainable and that it just wouldn’t do and…

They Can’t Shape Her

Exploring Patriarchy Chapter 29 – They can’t shape her in their likeness,
can’t swallow her whole. Can’t figure her out as she won’t keep her dreams small.

MM had seen quite a few families where elderly disfunction runs high. Much of it supported by tradition where elders express love by allowing younger women to serve them.