Hello and welcome to my writings!

I’m Anita Elise Kohli, a piano teacher, poet, relaxed housekeeper and blogger and I live in India. Being a relaxed housekeeper is very important to me as it gives me time.

Time for my career as a piano teacher and time to play the piano. Time for family. And time for the daily effort that is needed to have a life with a balance that keeps the busy within limits. So that I can do all these things, and still have time for me.

My diary is my greatest friend and I write daily to vent, to sort things, out and to celebrate. Writing is an outlet for my feelings about my life, as well as what happens around me.

I write in the first person often, even when I try to represent situations and ideas that might not be my own, as I feel this will make reading it a more personal experience to you, my readers.

My writings are presented with the understanding that they are the voice of some. With the understanding that there are many situations to which they may not apply. And that the solutions I occasionally talk about may not be the remedy for all.

Because the rainbow has many colours.

Writings previously published at anitaelise.com are no longer available there. Some will be republished here as separate poems and essays, and others will be included in the ‘stories’.

I invite you to follow this blog and hope that it starts some much-needed conversations. And sends a message of hope and happiness.

Other Links and Sites

Writings at Allpoetry
Please visit my writings at Allpoetry.com if you enjoy poetry. Allpoetry is a wonderful site where poets can write, get feedback on their writing, and learn to review and provide useful feedback to other poets.

Piano lessons at Anitaelise Piano Studio
I conduct piano lessons at Anitaelise Piano Studio with teaching that meets individual learning needs and goals. My mission is to help my students bring the joy of piano playing to their daily lives.

Credits: Image by Pexels from Pixabay

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