You’re Past 50 When

You know you’re past 50 when you’ve learned a few tricks
how to get them to look after themselves and understand it’s the way to stay fit.
How to make time for yourself so your cup stays full
because you can’t run the home on empty, and there’s no reason why you should.

You know you’re wise at past 50 when you can look back and see
how you supported a too busy with no time for ease.
It’s late but there’s still time to reverse this wrong way
and let each family member manage their own busy – it’ll force them to slow down their pace.

You’re past 50 and wise when you’ve learned to stand your ground
so they learn what they need to. It’s time to right gender roles gone wrong.

Because home managers need rest too. And because gender roles that deprive women (and home managers of any gender) of rest, are wrong.

Published by Anitaelise

Anitaelise teaches piano lessons at Anitaelise Piano Studio and writes poetry and essays at The Relaxed Housekeeper. The blogs - and are written and owned by her and published in accordance with the copyright notice at the footer of each blog.

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