Poems on anything and everything

  • No Need For Display
    Real faith on the inside and no need for display, only visible in our ways and the games we won’t play.
  • A Lazy Day
    So long Ma, and thanks for all the fish! No cooking tonight – there’s lots of food in the fridge.
  • The Stages of My Life | Definitions
    Exploring Patriarchy Chapter 20 – It used to be Baby ‘cos they saw I was young the one they looked after when her parents weren’t around. Then, it was Didi – the elder sister a young adult woman without a ‘Mister’. MM’s Story: The role of the Indian woman is defined very differently from that of the Indian man. Her career, education or income level matter very little. What seems to be important to society is her personal choices. Or those that are made for her by her family. And by the God’s.
  • To Be A Better Wife
    To be a better wife I need a husband who’s here… The lyrics of ‘To Be A Better Wife’ are written to the music of Here There and Everywhere – a song composed and written by the Beatles. I wrote this during the lockdown of 2020.
  • I Could Look At You In Envy
    I could look at you in envy for all the things you have the ease with which you cope and your luck when things get bad. You show me I can shape my world and bring that little ease. That when the wind is strong we might need to bend, or sway like those sturdy old trees…
  • Men-OH-Pause
    Exploring Patriarchy Chapter 16 – Men-OH-Pause give your wives a break don’t get up and leave them to wash up the plates. They’re on their feet before every meal cooking and washing and keeping the home clean. MM’s Story: She had always felt that society has a perceived value for money and things that far exceeds their actual utility, and their ability to create security and bring happiness.
  • After
    Peaceful quiet And time to BE and LET BE Some togetherness and rest after a good meal. #3LineTales
  • Tigress In A Tree
    If you prod the tigress – you with cruelty on your mind you who have lost caring and respect for life and come from a family that doesn’t mind… The above poem is written to highlight different aspects of rape in our society in a general way.
  • An Ode To My Compost Pot
    Layered planted tended watered.
  • Hate Costs
    Hate it costs we all pay.
  • This Busy
    Becoming Microwave Madam Chapter 6 – 9 to 5 equals 7, on days that are busy they’re home after eleven. Both of them work and their schedule’s real tight, it’s what they expected but this busy isn’t right.
  • The Maid
    Becoming Microwave Madam Chapter 4 – The maid was a solution that started another problem – She goes on leave for just 15 days from the 15th of Feb till the 15th of May.
  • Microwave Madam
    Becoming Microwave Madam Chapter 2 – You might need to remember India at the time home appliances entered the market, to understand Microwave Madam. The resistance to new which also encompasses the attitude to the new woman in a housing societies, but does not extend to her husband.
About Me

Hi, I’m Anitaelise. I teach piano lessons and write poetry. I love walking in the sun, listening to music and playing the piano. Happiness is seeing my students in piano class. Writing in my diary. Being out in the sun. Planting in my little compost pots. And looking up recipes that I’m never going to cook. Minimalism and and organization have relaxed my housekeeping and brought much joy to daily living.

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