Poems on anything and everything

  • They Can’t Shape Her
    Exploring Patriarchy Chapter 29 – They can’t shape her in their likeness, can’t swallow her whole. Can’t figure her out as she won’t keep her dreams small. MM had seen quite a few families where elderly disfunction runs high. Much of it supported by tradition where elders express love by allowing younger women to serve them.
  • The Watch
    She’s the watch at home – keeps an eye on the maid who won’t work well on her own no matter how high she’s paid 😀
  • Be Still and Know
    Be still and know that what comes will pass, faith and hope will help love keep a smile in your heart.
  • A Lovely Silence
    I’ve found a lovely silence after so many years it feels nice to return to the way things were…
  • Toe The Line
    Should I be like you and tow the line, follow rules that served a different time?
  • Solutions – My Friend Temper
    Exploring Patriarchy Chapter 28 – Temper. My Friend. You keep me safe when the load gets too heavy and they won’t give me a break. Speaking out calmly and assertively when there’s pushback is always a risk. Now, it was a risk she was willing to take. A risk she was angry enough to take.
  • Access To Vitamin D
    Do they have access to sunshine and Vitamin D? All of these women whose skin the sun doesn’t see?
  • I Won’t Be A Victim
    I won’t be a victim – I ‘ll take the controls. Dig my own ditches or explore a new road.
  • My Clothes Have Shrunk
    My clothes have shrunk No – I do not lie! It’s not all that cake and apple pie…
  • Solutions – Moving On From Anxiety
    Exploring Patriarchy Chapter 27 – It’s cuddly dog and happy face and we have to look our best, hair always neat and in place. Skirt around what’s going down because talking like it’s okay can turn things around. This chapter was inspired by a wonderful book on positivity – ‘I’m OK – You’re OK’ by Thomas A Harris, MD.
  • Unbroken
    Will you accept your role and the part that you played, all those years that you looked away, pretended that all was well and things were okay, even though you knew she lived with fear each night and day?
  • Practising Sovereignty
    Exploring Patriarchy Chapter 24 – Microwave Madam learns new skills. Practising. Some steps forward. Pushback. . .
  • Lonely
    They want to know when we’re happy but not when we’re sad when we’re laughing out loud but not when we’re mad. Express our feelings and they close their minds would no more conversations really make them feel fine?
  • Don’t Let Go
    Don’t do today what you can do tomorrow, hold on to things. Don’t acknowledge sorrow.
  • Freedom to BE
    Freedom. To choose different, and dress different.
  • No Need For Display
    Real faith on the inside and no need for display, only visible in our ways and the games we won’t play.
  • A Lazy Day
    So long Ma, and thanks for all the fish! No cooking tonight – there’s lots of food in the fridge.
  • The Stages of My Life | Definitions
    Exploring Patriarchy Chapter 20 – It used to be Baby ‘cos they saw I was young the one they looked after when her parents weren’t around. Then, it was Didi – the elder sister a young adult woman without a ‘Mister’. MM’s Story: The role of the Indian woman is defined very differently from that of the Indian man. Her career, education or income level matter very little. What seems to be important to society is her personal choices. Or those that are made for her by her family. And by the God’s.
  • To Be A Better Wife
    To be a better wife I need a husband who’s here… The lyrics of ‘To Be A Better Wife’ are written to the music of Here There and Everywhere – a song composed and written by the Beatles. I wrote this during the lockdown of 2020.
  • I Could Look At You In Envy
    I could look at you in envy for all the things you have the ease with which you cope and your luck when things get bad. You show me I can shape my world and bring that little ease. That when the wind is strong we might need to bend, or sway like those sturdy old trees…
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Hi, I’m Anitaelise. I teach piano lessons and write poetry. I love walking in the sun, listening to music and playing the piano. Happiness is seeing my students in piano class. Writing in my diary. Being out in the sun. Planting in my little compost pots. And looking up recipes that I’m never going to cook. Minimalism and and organization have relaxed my housekeeping and brought much joy to daily living.

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