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A Full Circle

It has to be a full circle to show you your face, a mirror that reveals that hidden dark place.

The Beast Born of Hate

It was a beast born of hate and filled with pride – they applauded the wrongs and felt proud of the lies.

Respect Dis-Respects | We Have to Pay the Piper

Exploring Patriarchy Chapter 13 – People often think that giving to these rules is respect for the elderly. Forgetting there’s a price for it. A quicker decline for the elderly. And a frustration that affects personal relationships between the home manager and her family – especially her husband. Poem: We Have To Pay The Piper…

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Why They Talk

You know they talk about her because she matters. Is she strong enough to stay confident, or will she feel shaken up and shatter?

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Real Conversations | Something Wonderful

Exploring Patriarchy Chapter 30 – There had been a time when the struggle with chores and gender roles took over every meeting or conversation that MM and her friends had. And finally, it got too much for MM so she began to cling to her hobbies for dear life. Letting friendships and WhatsApp-only communications cool…

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You’re Past 50 When

You know you’re past 50 when you’ve learned a few tricks – how to get them to look after themselves and understand it’s the way to stay fit.

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Many Kinds of Happy

There are many kinds of happy that I can’t explain hobbies that take all my cares away. Things I can do that make my heart feel light and make me feel that this is a really nice life.

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Hi, I’m Anitaelise. I teach piano lessons and write poetry. I love walking in the sun, listening to music and playing the piano. Happiness is seeing my students in piano class. Writing in my diary. Being out in the sun. Planting in my little compost pots. And looking up recipes that I’m never going to cook. Minimalism and and organization have relaxed my housekeeping and brought much joy to daily living.

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