Solutions – My Friend Temper

Exploring Patriarchy – Chapter 28

Temper. My Friend.

You keep me safe

when the load gets too heavy and they won’t give me a break.

I could let your loose

but I’ve learned much better.

So I hold on to you tight and let things simmer.

Let things simmer till I know what to say.

Till I find the words

and ideas that will bring a different way.

Bring a different way that they’ve never tried.

A way that pushes their lazy

and their petty mindedness aside.

They won’t give me a break so I stand firm and hold on

to you.

Temper. My Friend.

You help me stay strong.

There are times when one need to work with quiet patience. To work with less visibility so no one notices. But MM’s days of working silently were gone.

Chores had eased to such an extent that the change could not be hidden. And this brought on a fresh wave of pushback. Criticism and resentment from a family that suddenly realized that their traditions around chores had been dispensed with.

But MM had skills now. Skills that came from the self-reliance she learned early on in her married life, when the only support system she had was herself.

Speaking out calmly and assertively when there’s pushback is always a risk. Now, it was a risk she was willing to take. A risk she was angry enough to take.

I invite you to read all chapters of Exploring Patriarchy and walk with Microwave Madam as she explores the impact of patriarchy on her life and on society. And looks for solutions.

I tried to write this with a lot of repetition just for fun. All repeated text and the line that’s repeated in italics. Please let me know if the repeats work for you when you read them.

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Anitaelise teaches piano lessons at Anitaelise Piano Studio and writes poetry and essays at The Relaxed Housekeeper. The blogs - and are written and owned by her and published in accordance with the copyright notice at the footer of each blog.

4 thoughts on “Solutions – My Friend Temper

  1. Repetition is an effective device to drive home a point or reinforce an emotion. It worked great with this poem! I think many women feel guilty for having anger. It is true that if you make friends with anger you master it and turn it to your advantage. Fear is displaced and change can be fueled with a little righteous anger!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Its so nice to know that the repetition worked, thanks!

      Yes, anger channelled well can fuel change. This post was inspired by hearing some women talk about anger as a negative emotion. I thought I must write about the positive side.


    1. Thanks Vignesh, glad to know it works. Yes the positive side of anger often goes un-noticed. I think I might look at a song writing course / session in the near future 🙂


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