Sometimes, we have to go through the motions when there’s no time. just fit in a minute to play one line…

It’s been a really busy few months for me. The end of 2022 saw my days filled with support for family members in hospital or recovering after discharge from hospital. All is well as I write this post and I’m feeling grateful.

I decided having that no time to relax wasn’t sustainable and that it just wouldn’t do and…

Respect Dis-Respects | We Have to Pay the Piper

Exploring Patriarchy Chapter 13 – People often think that giving to these rules is respect for the elderly. Forgetting there’s a price for it. A quicker decline for the elderly. And a frustration that affects personal relationships between the home manager and her family – especially her husband.

Poem: We Have To Pay The Piper

We have to pay the piper for all that we have got
if we don’t pay up when it’s due it’s gonna cost a lot.
He’s the one who sees the things we hide – the one who keeps the score
and when he thinks our payment’s due he’ll knock our every door.