Practising Sovereignty

Exploring Patriarchy – Chapter 24


Some steps forward.


A few steps back.



Learning I don’t have to be perfect.

Learning expectations don’t have to bind me.

Accepting my deficiency.

Accepting they can’t accept it.

Setting boundaries.

Enforcing them.

Finding they respect this.

They benefit from this.

Finding they still want to go back.

Because it’s comfortable.

Because it’s the easiest way out.

Because they’re lazy? Or because old habits die hard?

Finding I can hold on.

Finding I can continue and move on when needed.

And practise some more.

Microwave Madam learns new skills.

I invite you to read all chapters of Exploring Patriarchy and walk with Microwave Madam as she explores the impact of patriarchy on her life and on society. And looks for solutions.

This chapter was inspired by the idea of Sovereignty – from Healing the Mother Wound by Bethany Webster.

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