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Exploring Patriarchy – Chapter 11

Can one live within barriers imposed by family customs, traditions, and ways, and still find a space for oneself, and one’s individuality?

MM would ask herself this question many times over the years and would surf the net to learn how home managers in different parts of the world managed their chores. Netflix had some shows on de-cluttering and organizing storage. The show by Marie Kondo was her favourite.

Small changes and consistent efforts helped her de-clutter and cleaning started to get done in less time. Planning shopping made it possible to store smaller quantities and still never run out. And this created more space in kitchen cupboards. Stocking smaller quantities also reduced the wastage that badly managed bulk shopping can create and she was surprised at how much this lightened the weight of her shopping bags. And how much it cut down her shopping bills.

Better work-flow management in the kitchen reduced the number of dishes used when cooking. And she learned two important things that many of her friends didn’t yet know, or rather, didn’t completely have the skills to implement.

One. That the role of the home manager does encompass teaching discipline and organization to the rest of the family.

And two. That there are many ways to set limits without lectures and rules if one is willing to look those who know how to get out of doing chores on a regular basis. And learn from them.

And that’s how she learned to be a relaxed housekeeper.

How To Be A Relaxed Housekeeper

If there's too much to clean just throw it all out,
when you have cabin fever just get out of the house!

Cook simple and easy everyday
you can do something different once in a way.
Do the chores badly if your kids won't help
and they'll learn it's better if they do it themselves.

Learn from those who don't pull their own weight
go slow and do the household chores at their pace.
Rest when you're sick and take a day off each week
they'll all learn independence - it will bring good health and ease.

Don't be perfect - be happy and let them know
that you're Not Wonderwoman.
It's a fact that they should all know.

You might wonder what this topic has to do with patriarchy and why home organization could be affected by family customs and traditions. The chapter that follows will answer your questions.

Thanks so much for reading this. I’d appreciate feedback on whether the story of Microwave Madam gives this poem more meaning or makes the social issues behind it easier to understand.

I invite you to read all chapters of Exploring Patriarchy and walk with Microwave Madam as she explores the impact of patriarchy on her life and on society. And looks for solutions.

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Anitaelise teaches piano lessons at Anitaelise Piano Studio and writes poetry and essays at The Relaxed Housekeeper. The blogs - therelaxedhousekeeper.com and anitaelise.com are written and owned by her and published in accordance with the copyright notice at the footer of each blog.

2 thoughts on “Home Organization | How To Be A Relaxed Housekeeper

  1. Very good advice in the poem and commentary! My son were in middle school and one wanted to know where his favorite shirt was. I answered “in the dirty laundry” and he was upset that I hadn’t washed it! Well, that was the day that he got a lesson on doing laundry and was told that if he wanted it at a certain time or day he was welcome to do a couple loads of laundry himself. Yep that was the end of that. He went to college already an old hand at laundry!!

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