The Maid

Becoming Microwave Madam – Chapter 4

The maid was a solution that started another problem.

She goes on leave for just 15 days
from the 15th of Feb till the 15th of May.
15 and 15 and add some more
accept that she's gone and she'll knock at your door.
15 times "x" - 'cos home is a long way to go
and you'd rather wait than employ someone you don't know.
It's just 15 days and you know she needs a break.
What you don't know is how long she will take.

Unlike with the Indian middle class, the Indian maid often has the most stable income in her family because there’s always someone who needs a maid. It’s heavy work and job expectations, weekly days off and sick leave terms differ with each family she works with.

If she’s sensible, she will stay loyal to families who treat her well, pay well and on time, and who are loyal to her. And go on leave when she needs rest. It’s often the only way.

She was a tremendous relief to MM when she wasn’t on leave. MM would later learn to think of her as a resource to be leaned on to organize the home for ease during leave days.

But these early years were different and extended leave created stress.

I invite you to read all chapters of Becoming Microwave Madam and understand why many women give up their careers and stay home.

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